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Diflucan One Dose Yeast Infection Treatment
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Vaginal yeast infection or vulvo vaginal candidiasis is a common cause of vaginal irritation. Doctors estimate that approximately 75 percent of all women will experience at least one symptomatic yeast infection during their lifetimes.

Buy Diflucan online one dose yeast infection treatment. Free overnight delivery when you buy Diflucan one dose online.A yeast infection is a common type of vaginal infection caused mainly by an overgrowth of the yeast called Candida albicans. Candida is often present in the normal flora of the vgina, however, when the normal pH balance of the vagina changes, or when your hormonal balance changes, the yeast can multiply. Several factors are associated with increased symptomatic infection in women, including pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, and the use of oral contraceptives or antibiotics. In addition, other factors that may increase the incidence of yeast infection include the use of perfumed feminine hygiene sprays, douches, topical antimicrobial agents, and wearing tight or poorly ventilated clothing and underwear.

Are you interested in treating your yeast infection with just one simple pill?

Fortunately, there is an effective oral treatment option for the treatment of yeast infections. Unlike previous treatment options were messy inserted creams had to be applied, Diflucan offers a one time pill that is just as effective as the seven day application of a cream. In a recent survey of some 179 women who have used both Diflucan and vaginally inserted creams, 9 out of ten women preferred Diflucan for the treatment of yeast infections. No more messy or uncomfortable creams just one oral dose of Diflucan for the effective treatment of yeast infections.

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Diflucan offers the following benefits as compared to vaginally inserted creams:

Diflucan offers a one time dosing, in most case usually one dose is effectively treating yeast infections.
Diflucan is just as effective as the leading seven day cream without the mess. Just take one dose orally.
Diflucan can be taken any time, unlike creams which are usually only applied at bedtime.
Diflucan can be used in conjunction with tampons, latex condoms and diaphragms.

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