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Buy Retin A Micro acne treatment. The acne treatment recommended
by more dermatologists than any other prescription acne treatment.

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Retin A Micro Acne Treatment
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Are you serious about treating your acne? Do you want clearer skin free from acne? If yes, read the following:

Some 85% of individuals from the ages of 12-24 years will get acne at some point in their lives. Fortunately there is now topical treatment that can reduce the duration and occurrence of acne. Retin A Micro is the number one topical treatment prescribed by dermatologist for individuals with acne. The patented microspheres that contain the active medication tretinoin (retin a) helps to clear up skin while preventing future outbreaks with very little irritation.

Some twenty years ago when Retin A was first used for the treatment of acne dermatologist marveled at the results. Today, the active ingredient in Retin A, tretinoin, is still the one of the most commonly prescribed medications for the treatment of acne.

The difference in today's Retin A Micro and the Retin A of yesteryear is primarily the vehicle and composition by which the medication is delivered (Microsponge® system). The specifically designed Microsponge® systems allows for a microspheres to hold the medication in reserve, allowing the skin to absorb small amounts of Retin A over time.

Dermatologist who have conducted clinical trials have proven that the Retin A Microsponge® system, is responsible for the decrease in side effects that are so commonly associated with traditional Retin A  treatment. Whereas, a large percentage of individuals treated with traditional Retin A  complain of erythema, peeling, burning/stinging, and itching around two weeks into the treatment. The overwhelming majority of Retin A Micro patients experienced little or no cutaneous irritation.

Recently, a respected clinical study showed Retin A Micro to work some two weeks faster than other prescription acne treatment medication against comedones commonly referred to as blackheads and whiteheads.

Retin A Micro Fast Facts:

  • Retin A Micro remains the most recommended acne treatment by dermatologist.
  • Retin A Micro represents the fasted acting acne treatment. Clearing acne in just a few days, with full results after just one week.
  • Patented microspheres in Retin A Micro result in a better deliver of the active ingredient resulting in a improved reaction time with less skin irritation.
  • Retin A Micro also reduces the appearance of facial shine (oiliness) on the skin's surface.

Retin A Micro Proven Acne Treatment Conclusions

Retin A Micro works two to three times faster than other acne treatments. At the same time while other acne treatments result in serious side effects i.e. erythema (redness), peeling, burning/stinging, and itching of the skin Retin A Micro is essentially free from any side effects. Simply apply the Retin A Mircro cream once or twice a day and in a few shorts days you will have clearer skin free from acne.

Buy Retin A Micro, the acne treatment recommended by dermatologists more than any other acne treatment.
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