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Discount Pharmacy Information
(Answers to common pharmacy questions.)

Our website was designed by a team of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive health information via a website that is easy to navigate. However, secondary to the nature of the content of the material our staff realizes that their may be unanswered questions and/or concerns.

The following section represents the most frequently asked questions that our staff has addressed over the last several years during the ordering process. Please review the following information for answers to some of these questions:

Are your products packaged discreetly?

Yes, all the orders are discreetly packaged (with absolutely no hint of the contents). 

Are there any hidden fees associated with the orders?

No, the prices are all inclusive (including shipping), you pay only the posted price of the product you wish to order.

However, prior to "clicking on" the final button on all our order forms we have our clients agree to the following statement in order to prevent any confusion:

Please Note:
We must use a merchant account (the service that charges your credit card for Visa, American Express, etc.) that uses United States currency. Therefore, all of our prices will be converted from Pounds to United States currency base on the daily exchange rate set forth by the credit card companies.

What are the postage fees?

Again, there are no hidden charges, you pay only the posted price for the product you wish to order. There are no additional postage fees, pharmacy fees and/or doctor consultation fees.

Will there be any recurring billing associated with my order?

No, you are only billed once for your original order. If you wish to place a refill, we simply ask that you return to the website and complete the order form the the product that you wish to order. We will not automatically send nor charge you for additional orders. You must initiate the refill process.

Do you ship orders to the United States?

Attention: United States Clients
We apologize, if you reside in the United States including Hawaii and/or Puerto Rico we do not ship to the United States.


How do I pay with a check or money order?

In the spaces on order form where credit card information is requested under "Billing Information". Simply click on the Money Order box. Then at the end of the prescription drug medical questionnaire in the "special instructions" section state your intentions to pay via one of the alternate methods e.g. money order.

Once your order has been approved by our staff doctors you will receive an email with complete instructions on how to complete the payment process.

Do you accept returns?

No, secondary to the nature of your order, we do not accept returns (all sales are final).Unless, you ordered one of our herbal supplements that offer an unconditional return policy. Then, of course, we will accept your return of the product ordered.

Why do you need my phone number on the order form?

The overnight courier i.e. FedEx, UPS, GLS, etc. requires both the phone number of the shipper and the recipient. All communication via our staff is always done in a discreet and professional manner, under no circumstance is there any reference to the product which you have ordered. In addition, the courier are not informed of the products in which they are delivering.

Why do you require my email address on the order form?

Our staff needs your email address to contact you concerning any questions regarding your order. Again, all correspondence is very discreet. In addition, our customer service staff will send you updates concerning your order so you will know when to expect delivery.

What are your security and privacy policies?

We offer the latest technology to ensure a secure ordering process. All information provided during the order process is routed behind a secure ? firewall?. The Information is encrypted at your browser and sent via the Hyper Text Transport Protocol to ensure security.

Please note: when you place your order on the secure pages the website address changes from the normal http://www. protocol to the https://www. signifying that all information provided on the page is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Order online with complete privacy and security. We use your personal information only to process your order. Your personal information under no circumstances will be sold or distributed to any third parties. All orders are shipped in discreet packages (with absolutely  no hint of the contents).

All information provided during the order process is routed behind a secure "firewall". The information is encrypted at your browser and sent via the Hyper Text Transport Protocol to ensure security (click here for details concerning our privacy policy).

We have a strict policy concerning all of our staff, which adhere to strict standards for patient confidentiality. We will not release any personally identifying information to anyone third party.

Nor will we sell or otherwise share any of the information you submit (including your e-mail address) with any third parties. In addition, you will not receive unsolicited correspondence from us.

All information submitted including your credit card information will be secure-server-encrypted by the most sophisticated technologies available today. All orders are shipped in a plain, nondescript package with no indication of the contents.

I received my first order and I am very satisfied with your service, how do I order a refill?

We Have Listened To Our Valued Clients Suggestions
(New fast and easy repeat order process.)

Many of our clients voiced their opinion that the previous repeat order process was too time consuming. We have listen to you and created a fast and convenient method for obtaining your repeat orders.

Simply visit the following webpage and answer just few questions and we will have your repeat order shipped via overnight courier (instead of completing the entire medical form):

Repeat Orders
(click here for details)

New Customers
We welcome new clients, please review the following:)

If you have not ordered from Rx Europe or our network of websites in the past. We welcome your orders please visit the following webpage for a list
of all the prescription drugs we offer online:

New Customers
(click here for details)

What if my questions have not been addressed in the above section?

Please feel free to contact us with any unanswered questions and/or concerns.